More Than A Fashion Accessory.

Climate innovation, to me, means doing something different. Science and technology are the enablers to help everyone become the change-makers our planet needs right now, and it’s today’s advanced materials like graphene that help me with my pollution-sensing pin badge and service.

Perfect Sense AQ accelerates our understanding about the action needed to achieve climate ambition and grasp how pollution affects us every day. It holds the key to achieving ambitious climate goals, helping us all to make changes and preserve the planet for future generations.

As a response to the UN’s SDG13, my ambition has always been to develop a portable air quality sensing device that I could build myself whilst learning things about health, science, data and programming along the way.

Scientists build models using their own data collections to make predictions based on different scenarios. I see innovation as the catalyst to allow everyone to view their own future, and that of subsequent generations with their own data, which is a difficult concept to grasp.

Perfect Sense AQ now gives everyone an equal chance to protect their own health and learn how to make climate-positive decisions. It’s time to see the future of our planet in 10, 20 or 30 years time based on changes that we do, or don’t, make today.