My generation has the potential to protect the planet by helping more people to do everyday things differently. For me, that started with how I walked to school.

Hi, I’m Ava!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I’m a teenager studying for my A levels and have also taken on the CEO role to make an award-winning pin badge available for more people.

At 12, I designed and built the first version of Perfect Sense AQ. That was the start of my journey to help more people turn their own environmental data into information to protect their health instead of being reliant on information shared by the government or other central organisations that aren’t hyper-local.

This is still my preferred approach. Unlocking our own potential to understand the world around us gives the correct information for our location at that particular moment.

How it started

After meeting the team at the National Graphene Institute in Manchester in 2019, they supported me in building an innovative pin badge from my first prototype using nano-sized air quality sensors with location GPS.

Achievement unlocked!

Perfect Sense AQ has become a dynamic way of mapping air pollution to discover your healthiest air quality route to school or work.

How it’s going

2020 was an incredible year for me. I won the individual prize in the UK Government’s Youth Industrial Strategy competition and UK Space Agency’s SatelLife competition.

In 2021, I was accepted onto the Bridging the Gap programme for SMEs with Graphene@Manchester, and this has been a fantastic accelerator for my roadmap and development. I was also invited to join the Department for Transport’s Young Green Leaders’ Group and participated in a panel discussion at COP26 in the Blue Zone, UK Pavilion.

I started 2022 as the UK Challenge winner of Galileo Masters, which means I’ll work with the specialist team at GRACE from the University of Nottingham to help embed GNSS and hyper-locality into the pin badge.

Perfect Sense AQ was also chosen as one of the 6 companies that judges selected for the Galileo Incubator Programme. This year, I’m continuing to develop the pollution sensor and pin badge with the team at Graphene@Manchester and moving on with GNSS integration. 2022 is about everything coming together!

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