My generation has the potential to protect the planet by helping more people to do everyday things differently. For me, that started with how I walked to school.

Hi, I’m Ava!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I’m doing the usual teenage things of studying for GCSEs, hanging out with friends, playing music, going to dance class and now taking on the role of CEO to launch an award-winning pin badge to market.

At the age of 12 I designed the first version of Perfect Sense AQ. That was the start of my journey to help more people turn their own environmental data into information to protect their health, instead of being reliant on information shared by government or other central organisations. Here, science and technology are the catalyst to help us all understand how changes we make today will improve our lives and protect the planet.

This is still my preferred approach. Unlocking our own potential to understand the world around us gives the right information for our location at that particular moment. I believe that tackling climate change now, as a global collective, is the greatest challenge we face in 2021. The climate emergency can never be solved in isolation or locally. We need to collaborate now and on a global scale. 

How it started

From meeting the team at the National Graphene Institute in Manchester during 2019, we set out to build an innovative pin badge with nano-sized air quality sensors measuring PM2.5 and PM10 with location-GPS.

Achievement unlocked!

Perfect Sense AQ has become a dynamic way of mapping air pollution to discover your healthiest air quality route to school or work. It has been specifically designed with style-conscious and eco-aware people in mind.  

How it’s going

2020 was an incredible year for me. I won the individual prize of the UK Government’s Youth Industrial Strategy competition and UK Space Agency’s SatelLife competition.

Now I’m starting 2021 as a CEO, with the same ambition to give everyone an equal chance. I see science, technology and particularly data as being the enablers to make changes in our daily lives, so that’s how I’m developing the applications today. Going back to the problem and listening to people’s stories helps me to move forward with the right solution. Join in!

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