Innovate Space Festival in Leeds

I had a brilliant time at this event organised by the Space Hub Yorkshire team. They invited me along to connect and talk to other early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators in the space sector, also learning from the different presentations and panels during the day. It was two years to the day since opening an emailContinue reading “Innovate Space Festival in Leeds”

Galileo Masters UK Challenge Winner 2021

Really happy to say I was encouraged to enter the Galileo Masters programme this year and won the UK challenge set by GRACE at the University of Nottingham. What does it mean for me and my roadmap? I was successful in the UK Space Agency’s SatelLife competition last year after realising that satellites could beContinue reading “Galileo Masters UK Challenge Winner 2021”

Developing my new pollution sensor with the team at Graphene Manchester

As the end of the year approaches, it’s been time to think ahead about the next steps in the new year to further develop my new pollution sensor. It’s been a busy term seeing how the literature review was brought together, with the team taking the time to make sure I understood everything along theContinue reading “Developing my new pollution sensor with the team at Graphene Manchester”

Talking in the blue zone UK Pavilion at COP26 with the Department for Transport

The Future of Mobility Through Local Innovation and Transport Solutions. Being a panellist and talking about the future of mobility, local innovation, and transport solutions was amazing! So pleased I could add my own views, work and links with partners in this latest stage of development. It was also a brilliant chance to listen andContinue reading “Talking in the blue zone UK Pavilion at COP26 with the Department for Transport”

World Leaders Summit at COP26

It’s been another exciting week after I was invited to contribute to a film which will be shown to global leaders on the second day of COP26. I’ve finished my recorded pieces and can’t wait to see the final version when all of our voices come together. Update! You’ll see my short contribution at aboutContinue reading “World Leaders Summit at COP26”

Signed onto an R&D programme for SMEs with The University of Manchester and Graphene

This month I was accepted onto one of the University of Manchester’s programmes for SMEs, giving me unique opportunities to continue and accelerate our R&D work. Yesterday I was back working with the team in the GEIC Building and setting out how graphene and advanced materials can add even more potential to my pin badge.Continue reading “Signed onto an R&D programme for SMEs with The University of Manchester and Graphene”

Young green leaders roundtable with the Department for Transport

The Cabinet Office connected me with Ministers at the Department for Transport to help me share my views on the development of Perfect Sense AQ. They want to add the voices of young people to decision-making about the future of transport and continue these meetings in the run-up to COP26. To mark Net Zero Week,Continue reading “Young green leaders roundtable with the Department for Transport”

What innovation means to me

I’ve been asked about this a lot recently, so here are some of my thoughts. Innovation, to me, means doing something different. In the context of climate action, science and technology is just a catalyst to help people understand how their changes will accelerate overall progress. So my preferred and novel approach is empowering everyoneContinue reading “What innovation means to me”