Talking in the blue zone UK Pavilion at COP26 with the Department for Transport

The Future of Mobility Through Local Innovation and Transport Solutions. Being a panellist and talking about the future of mobility, local innovation and transport solutions was amazing! So pleased I could add my own views, work and links with partners in this latest stage of development. It was also a brilliant chance to listen andContinue reading “Talking in the blue zone UK Pavilion at COP26 with the Department for Transport”

World Leaders Summit at COP26

It’s been another exciting week after I was invited to contribute to a film which will be shown to global leaders on the second day of COP26. I’ve finished my recorded pieces now and can’t wait to see the final version when all of our voices come together. Update! You’ll see my short contribution atContinue reading “World Leaders Summit at COP26”

Young green leaders roundtable with the Department for Transport

It’s been exciting for me after the Cabinet Office connected me with Ministers at the Department for Transport, and I got to share my views and the development of Perfect Sense AQ. They want to add the voices of young people into decision making about the future of transport and continue these meetings in theContinue reading “Young green leaders roundtable with the Department for Transport”

What innovation means to me

I’ve been asked about this a lot recently, so here are some of my thoughts. Innovation to me means doing something different. In the context of climate action, I believe it starts with science and technology. However, this is just a catalyst to help people understand how changes they make now will accelerate overall progress.Continue reading “What innovation means to me”

Youth voice at the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee – Leeds City Council

Thanks to an invite from Leeds City Council’s Climate Emergency Advisory Committee, I was able to participate in January’s meeting and share the impact of a pin badge made with graphene. Great to watch it live in a break from online lessons! Header image is by Markus Spiske from Pexels